We focus on building solutions that not only meet today’s requirements but that also help our customers be better prepared for the future.

Mobile & Industrial CCTV Solutions

Safeguard your assets,
improve driver behaviour

Track And monitor your business from anywhere with our cutting edge industrial CCTV solutions for Corporates.With our mobile tracking system,any location can be assessed ettortlessly, making it the ideal solution for warehouses and logistics service providers.

Our location-based industrial solutions consist of installation and management of CCTV system for areas of any size.Both, mobile and industrial CCTV systems are built on a robust cloud platform with 99.9% uptime and back-up.

All footage is live-streamed to the main server for monitoring and tracking.
Other value-added services include face recognition and object tracking on demand.

Advantages of CCTV systems

  • Close monitoring of drivers
  • Examine their behavior
  • Monitor drivers’ route
  • Monitor drivers’ route
  • Live tracking
  • Accident Tracking

Windows based application

Stream from remote devices live and receive feedback from any number of cameras as and when you please.

Requirement Overview

  • Route planning
  • Route development report
  • Stop/idle report
  • Geo-fence setup
  • Precise Location tracking with live Streaming
  • Supervisor dashboard & reports

Solution Components

  • Mobile DVR system with 3G/4G/WiFi/GPS
  • GPS antenna/3G/3G antennas
  • HDD/SD disks
  • UPS for extended hours
  • Night vision cameras
  • Supervisor web portal
  • Supervisor mobile portal

Fuel Monitoring Solutions

Mange your Fuel

Our fuel monitoring systems for commercial vehicles will help cut down on fuel costs drastically. We provide two systems based on a Liquid Level Sensor and an Ultrasonic Sensor. Both systems offer monitoring and streaming via a secure cloud platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Vehicle live Tracker (video/fuel) – Liquid Level Sensor

  • Location, time, speed monitoring
  • Live video streaming
  • Liquid Level Sensor
  • Vehicle diagnostics report
  • Video live streaming

Vehicle live Tracker (video/fuel) Ultrasonic Fuel Sensors

  • Location, time, speed monitoring
  • Live video streaming
  • Ultrasonic fuel sensors
  • Ultrasonic fuel sensors
  • Vehicle diagnostics report
  • Video livestreaming

How Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor works

An ultrasonic probe is used to detect the fuel level height and then through smart processing, the fuel quantity is indicated through a built-in program.

The fuel gauge is then sent to the main platform through the GPS Tracker/Mobile DVR to generate the fuel quantity report after the analysis has been done.

GPS tracking for Industries

Track & trace

Kids tracking watch

2G Based Tracking SOS Message Area Deviation Alerts Waterproof SIM Card Slot

This robust and multifunctional kid’s watch will allow you to keep close track of your kids. With an SOS alert system and a waterproof function, this piece of smart technology will reflect your child’s location in real-time.

Smart tracker

3G/4G Based Tracking 0% Battery Drain While tracking SOS Message Area Deviation Alerts

Your smartwatch can be your ideal companion for yourself and your business. Track, trace and monitor your health, your business and even your kids-all at the same time.

Employee tracker

Thickness of 0.6cm Real-time positioning and tracking Position checking Distant control via APP Vibration alarm, Geo-fence SOS alarm

This easy to carry, real-time tracking device can help you supervise your employees from the comfort of your home or even when you are on the go. Customize features and options to suit your business with this affordable solution with distance control and an SOS alarm.

Pet tracker

Real-time GPS tracking Light design & easy to hang in neck Easy monitoring through smart phones Low battery & Geo-tencing alerts

Your pets are companions that always require extra attention and care. This lightweight design can easily be attached to your pet’s collar for real-time tracking no matter how far they wander.

Vehicle tracker

Location, Time, Speed Fuel Monitor Engine Cut Off Vehicle Diagnostics Video Livestream

Vehicle tracking is no longer a complicated drawn-out process. A tracking device is installed on each vehicle for updates on location, speed and fuel monitoring giving you quick and reliable updates via a Pelican Cube hosted application. The ideal solution for a more eflcient fleet.

Other Tracking Systems

  • Asset tracking
  • Motorcycle tracking
  • public transport
  • Employee transport
  • School bus tracking
  • Taxi dispatch system
  • Temperature monitoring system
  • Sales team tracking
  • Voice monitoring
  • Plug & play tracking
  • Live stock tracking
  • Bicycle tracking

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Mobile App / Web development

Usability and security are key features in mobile app and web development. With a secure backend and responsive app designs across varying screen sizes our team will help you communicate your brand’s ethos creatively and effectively.

What we Offer:

  • Mobile SFA development
  • Mobile POS app development
  • GPS related mobile app development
  • Taxi app development
  • Chat app development
  • Games related app development
  • Ecommerce site development
  • Cloud-based web app development
  • Member logins/portal web application development

Software development

Mobile app development with Pelican Cube is user-friendly and customizable with a platform that offers NET and C# for both Android and iOS systems. With reliable and nifty interfaces our tailor-made solutions will give you that much-needed edge over your competitors. Your business requirements can be accommodated on unique features that entail a holistic navigating experience. Business strategies can be aligned with the best solutions for maximum output. Our team can guide you and work with you for an app that is fast and easy together with a host of other benefits.

What we offer:

  • Android/iOS app development
  • Forms app development
  • Enterprise app development
  • Cross-platform application development
  • Consulting services
  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Migration & upgradation services
  • QA and testing
  • Post installation support & maintenance

Cloud & platform solutions

Cloud computing has completely changed the way business/ Store and their consumers access their date

Scalability, cost-effectiveness and data insights are amongst a host of other benefits through cloud & platform solutions. We can help you discover just the right tools for streamlining operations and optimizing efficiency for increased productivity from anywhere in the world.

With the latest trends in web and mobile app development give your corporate and private customers a virtual experience like no other, wherever they are, without any servers or specific software.

With a fully customized admin panel curate packeages and prices, manage user-profiles and configure devices remotely with this all-in-one convenient solution.

Cyber Security & Hosting

  • Mirroring option
  • Load balancing
  • Easy deployment
  • Active protections against attacks such as ransomware
  • Blockchain tech to protect your files
  • Disaster recovery management
  • Super-fast hosting Solutions
  • Host applications/backup data and websites
  • Azure cloud-based solution provider
  • Personalized cloud based spaces
  • Mail server for commercial purposes (any mailbox)
  • Secured 99.9% uptime