We focus on building solutions that not only meet today’s requirements but that also help our customers be better prepared for the future.

Mobile App development

We give space in the digital app markets for your idea or
concept. We build hybrid and native mobile applications
for Android and IOS platforms.


What we Offer:

  • Mobile SFA development
  • Mobile POS app development
  • GPS related mobile app development
  • Taxi app development
  • Chat app development
  • Games related app development

Web App development

We build functional and practical web applications to
suite your budget and requirement. 

What we Offer: 

  • Ecommerce site development
  • Cloud-based web app development

Custom WordPress Based Solutions

Custom web site designing and development using
WordPress to improve your brand presence on WWW.


Windows based application

Stream from remote devices live and receive feedback from any number of cameras as and when you please.

IoT Projects

The evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) has made world closer to everyone, it has now become an everyday essential to many of us. Knowing advantages and the marvels IoT can do, Pelican Cube team is gearing to handle IoT projects.


Having a website is not enough now, you need to keep pushing the envelope. That’s why we give you the best SEO and SMM plans. Integrated with Google tools and our secret SEO and SMM recipes.

Software development

Mobile app development with Pelican Cube is user-friendly and customizable with a platform that offers NET and C# for both Android and iOS systems. With reliable and nifty interfaces our tailor-made solutions will give you that much-needed edge over your competitors. Your business requirements can be accommodated on unique features that entail a holistic navigating experience. Business strategies can be aligned with the best solutions for maximum output. Our team can guide you and work with you for an app that is fast and easy together with a host of other benefits.

What we offer:

  • Android/iOS app development
  • Forms app development
  • Enterprise app development
  • Cross-platform application development
  • Consulting services
  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Migration & upgradation services
  • QA and testing
  • Post installation support & maintenance

Gaming development


 The Pelican Cube Games division is specialized and equipped with the most competent, passionate, and creative developers who
aspired to create the most entertaining games for our users to enjoy.Some of our most recent games which are now available for both iOS and Android platforms,

Cloud & platform solutions

Scalability, cost-effectiveness and data insights are amongst a host of other benefits through cloud & platform solutions. We can help you discover just the right tools for streamlining operations and optimizing efficiency for increased productivity from anywhere in the world.

With the latest trends in web and mobile app development give your corporate and private customers a virtual experience like no other, wherever they are, without any servers or specific software.

With a fully customized admin panel curate packeages and prices, manage user-profiles and configure devices remotely with this all-in-one convenient solution.

Cyber Security & Hosting

  • Mirroring option
  • Load balancing
  • Easy deployment
  • Active protections against attacks such as ransomware
  • Blockchain tech to protect your files
  • Disaster recovery management
  • Super-fast hosting Solutions
  • Host applications/backup data and websites
  • Azure cloud-based solution provider
  • Personalized cloud based spaces
  • Mail server for commercial purposes (any mailbox)
  • Secured 99.9% uptime